Heliocentric Technologies Inc.

Heliocentric is a technology commercialization company with research and development projects in the fields of medical imaging, nuclear physics and mining instrumentation.

On-Site Analyzer

Heliocentric's unique geochemical analysis process enables on-the-spot and immediate geochemical assay, ideal for base metal ore grading. The award-winning technology requires zero sample handling, and is immune to surface effects and local nonuniformities.

Reduce Dilution. Increase Profitability

The Heliocentric On-site Analyzer is effectively independent of matrix effects, and can rapidly and inexpensively quantify a broad range of elements in drilled cores, grab samples, rock chips and slurry. These features provide base metal mine operators with the ability to grade their ore on-site, without delay and for reduced cost. Reliable real-time data is the key to proactive decision making, allowing mine operators to dig to grade rather than tonnage for maximum extraction and equipment utilization.

Simplify your QA/QC

By doing away with complex sample handling and preparation it is possible to perform an assay in close proximity to the drill hole or mine face. The On-site Analyzer performs a bulk analysis, providing the average composition of the sample material without grinding or pulverizing. The samples remain unaltered by the analysis, improving traceability from sampling to balance sheet.

Track and Forecast Mine Ecconomics

Often the first measure of the ore metal content comes from the mill, long after the costs of extraction have been incurred. An On-site Analyzer can provide visibility and control over mining operations, allowing management to forecast revenue and identify process problems early.